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Mary Changed her body in a hurry in time for an overseas trip to visit family. 14kg difference.


Transformation after 90 days on the TOB Challenge.

Colleen changed her entire body, look and performance. Colleen and her husband Peter

use personal Training and classes at Trainers on the Bay to stay in shape.


Terry jetty to jettyIn July 2011, Terry aged 59 was living well, overworking and exercising when he could find the time.

On one occasion Terry complained of indigestion and broke out in a cold sweat. On the following day he checked his condition with a physician and was immediately admitted for open heart surgery and a quadruple heart bypass. The doctor commented, "you would have died if you had run the Jetty to Jetty race".

Terry's recovery was gradual and steady. He began at Trainers on the Bay with doctors instructions, a prayer in Christ's name, and a heart rate monitor.

One year later Terry ran the Jetty to Jetty, came 46th in his age category and completed the 10km course in 55 minutes.

Today Terry enjoys an exercise focused, healthy lifestyle and has gone on to run the Inaugural Sunshine Coast marathon 10km in 53 minutes.


looks better at age 50 than he did at 30


Lost 40kg and changed her lifestyle


A 32kg total makeover

Paul and Lyn

In our sixties we had, over time, both gradually put on weight. Although exercising frequently and being aware of healthy food, we just needed clear and logical direction, a dose of reminding and a conscience angel. The 90 Day Challenge seemed the answer.

Reading, step-by-step support, personal rewards and challenges, exercise programs and diaries all combined to form an approach that was all-encompassing.

In the beginning it took some getting used to but a routine was quickly established. We were admired by our friends as we continued on the Challenge and we Paul and lyn afterimproved both physically and mentally.

Lyn lost 11 kilograms and Paul five kilograms over the 90 days.

We feel much fitter, more positive and have changed our eating habits.We take one day at a time and keep our eyes on the goal - a fitter us. No excuses.