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The Food Patrol (should be combined with Personal Training support)

The Food Patrol's "Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 days" patented system, was created to allow Participants from all walks of life, to achieve and maintain the body of their dreams in as little as 90 days!

The Food Patrol believes that the Secret to achieving, and maintaining your ideal physique, lies in the ability to understand all the various psychological and physical aspects involved in the weight loss process. By implementing all the pieces to the Food Patrol's puzzle, thousands of participants around the country continue to amaze both themselves and their friends, with outstanding body transformations within a few short months.

The Food Patrol program is all about educating participants with the knowledge, and power, to create new lifestyle habits that empower them to gain complete control of their bodies and associated energy levels, "FOR LIFE"...

This accelerated fat loss system has proven time and time again to induce Fat Loss even in the most stubborn of Participants.

Food Patrol reviews...

The Food Patrol's "Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days" program has been endorsed by numerous nutritionists and dieticians, including 'The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences', as a holistic approach to accelerated Fat Loss and permanent lifestyle adaptation.

The Food Patrol eating plan...

  • The Food Patrol eating plan promotes regular meals and snacks throughout the day to ensure that participants of the program are always full. It is common for participants of The Food Patrol program to shed weight by 'actually eating more food'...
  • The Food Patrol eating plan does not require participants to count calories or weigh their food. Hunger levels are used to determine the amount of food consumed.
  • The Food Patrol's specially formulated 'Ultimate Body Transformation'Formula and Snack bars do not replace meals, however they are used as snacks, in conjunction with meals, to assist in the fat burning and body transformation process.
  • The Food Patrol program does not believe it necessary to cut out any of the major food groups for the purpose of burning fat. It consists of a well balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, making our eating plan the perfect choice when it comes to adopting a healthy and permanent lifestyle change.

Is getting raided by The Food Patrol compulsory?Food Patrol raids are NOT a compulsory aspect of the "Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days" program. Participants that are interested in being raided by the Food Patrol team can make a request by emailing their interest to [email protected] . Their request will then be placed in the "To be Raided" tray, and the team will endeavor to incorporate them in future raids.Do you need to exercise?The Food Patrol strongly believes that at least 70-80% of the weight loss process is directly related to the foods we eat. It is not uncommon for Participants of the Food Patrol program to lose large amounts of fat without participating in any type of exercise.However, by implementing the exercise component of our program, in conjunction with the Food Patrol's eating plan, you will not only achieve your results much faster, but you will also achieve a leaner, more toned physique.