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Excerpt from ‘Never Betta’ SENIORS EXERCISE

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 7:16 AM
Excerpt from ‘Never Betta’ SENIORS EXERCISE
Book - by Dimitri Nicholas
Healthy Ageing and Fit 4 Living classes
This book is dedicated to my good friends in the Healthy Ageing and Fit 4 Living classes that have exercised with me over the first extraordinary decade that has ushered in the 21st Century.
Some of the folk are still with us and some have departed, but the memory of all is very dear to me.
I'd like especially mention and honour Richard ‘Neva Betta’, Hilda Oakes, Nick Taousanis, Ray and Marlene Brooks, Dr Karen Flegg, Dr Kimberley Bondeson and Lorraine, Ross and June Forbes, Ruth, John and Gwen Drayton. These are some of the names of the countless good friends I have enjoyed the company of on this journey in the Seniors’ exercise years.
From the onset of group exercise, it became apparent that the cost of participation for pensioners restricted access to group classes because most of the Seniors were financially limited or restricted.
The solution became the humble gold coin donation at the door.
My Fit 4 Living team and I have an ongoing dedication to expand this Seniors exercise program nationally and internationally for the benefit of all in need of regaining control of their body.
The 21st Century has given the Earth an incredible experience of rapid change. These changes are one of the consequences of a new Industrial Revolution like no other in recorded human history.
With rapid change, comes the necessity to adapt.
Unfortunately, adaption to an most rapidly changing world is not easy. Least of all, in the Senior years.
You must try! It is pivotal to your survival and independence.

The over 60s group are society's ‘treasure generation’.
As a master trainer I have found the Seniors over 60 generation to be a wealth of wisdom that will one day be very much missed. They are a generation of cheer, wit, humour, optimism, faith, good taste and rare, almost forgotten values worthy of respect.
If you are over 60 years of age, I encourage you to please recognise that it is more important for you to exercise in your current age than at any other time in your life. Also now, more than any other generation in past history has had to do.
If you have not exercised for a long time or for most of your life, motivation may be your most difficult hurdle. The very first step may seem like climbing a mountain.
This Fit 4 Living exercise kit consists: a small rubber ball, resistance rubber band, instructional DVD and this instruction book.
The powerful combination makes the first step far more comfortable and within your reach. You can exercise in the privacy and security of your own home.
It will become your ‘complete gym’ - just add a chair.
As your master trainer, I believe you will find my unique exercise package easy, simple, safe and effective. It will help you in a powerful way to restore and maintain your quality of life.
Applying sound advice in exercise and good nutrition I encouraged you to improve your strength, endurance, bone density, heart and lung fitness, balance, coordination, brain function, reflexes and learn falls prevention techniques.
Looking at what we eat.
Food counts more than exercise by far.
Food is not an easy wrestle with Seniors.
Habits get in the way of optimal health, but change some things you must!
Encouraging seniors to exercise and eat well has become a matter of priority and urgency.
The monopoly of genetically modified foods (GMOs), the flood of processed foods and the perceived convenience of fast food have converged to create divides in society based on a ‘cost v’s food quality’compromise.
Empty calories, ‘pesticide poisoned’ foods and automated gadgets are stealing away the health of all the generations in one way or another.
Those in the highest risk category are the unsuspecting young and the frail elderly. Both these generations require champions to fight for and represent them.
For seniors, the combination of ‘irresistible’ food and unhealthy lifestyle habits is robbing quality of life under the illusion of easy solutions and convenience.  It’s the stealthy combination of taste addiction and junk food that produce ill health for the consumers and profits for food corporations.
It is my purpose as a senior master trainer with over 40 years’ experience and a rare view of an evolving world from and exercise perspective, to present to you the means for a better and healthier life within your means.
“I’m too old to exercise!”
Is there really a time when it is too late to exercise?
My oldest client to this day was 104 years. The lady’s name was Cath and she taught me much during our time together.
Cath always laughed. She always had a smile on her face.
I trained Cath and her friends in an aged care facility for several years. I often observed her help the 80-year-olds walk, lending her arm to support them.
Cath was always willing to try and ‘have a go’ at the exercises.
There is undoubtedly something very special, distinct and almost indescribable about those that reach beyond 100 years of life that fills me with admiration and respect.
My friend Richard ‘Neva Betta’ is a fine example.  He was, a harmonica player and always played the entertainment at the conclusion of my exercise classes in an Aged Care Facility.
Everyone sang along.
I knew that Richard was very sick at times. But whenever I asked him, “how are you today Richard?” he always answered with a wink and said, “Never betta!”
He was the perfect model of high morale and example to all in his life.
On the other hand, I have also observed others in the same Aged Care Facilities that had different attitudes toward life. Some seldom laughed. These ones seemed to be the fastest to decrease in health and eventually to depart from their company of friends.
Excerpt Conclusion:
Whether you are a Senior, junior or in between, your awareness and many adaptations to a ‘brave’ new changed world are required of you.
Exercise regularly, learn how, stay independent, take nothing for granted – search things out, understand the consumer trap, eat Organic food, avoid electromagnetic frequency devices near your brain, avoid fluoride (aluminium) and search out its effects on the blood brain barrier, avoid plastic food utensils including bottled water, use glass.
Tell a new joke every night.
Value your peace and freedom.
The above will get you started.


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