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Martial Arts

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (19)
One man intending to enrol his son in Karate classes recently asked me how many Karate Dan I held?

I attained 3rd Dan in Goju karate in 1984. After that I taught with 3 of my own schools in Sydney Australia.

I fought in the boxing and kickboxing ring over the decades and evolved with the globalisation of the martial arts. I spent years of endless rounds in the ring with many teachers, fighters and high champs from all parts of the globe. I learnt from all styles.

Later I went into the military. Infantry, Commando and intelligence training, some of which included Commando unarmed combat.

I studied with Judo, Jiu Jiutsu, Kung fu, MMA, Pankration, other self defense masters. I fought many opponents over the years.

For well over a decade I worked security in nightclubs including Kings Cross, Sydney. It’s also worth the mention to say that I walked the streets of inner Sydney as many of my friends did growing up.

Today I teach a handful of students and don’t use a grading system.

Just like the boxers, my fighters are all competent and experienced according to their own goals and abilities. Some compete.

The real martial arts is a way of life with good philosophy and personal power.

One of the martial arts components is ability.
Fighting is not an ability test only. Regardless of physical ability, bad character makes a bad fighter win, lose or draw.

in my opinion, the West is way too focused on entertainment and sadly that leads to corruption in competitions, big money, politics and crime.

As the Japanese say. Martial arts a way of life comparable to swordsmanship or even the sword itself.
Keep it sharp and don’t let rust accumulate. Don’t be careless or your own blade can cut you.
Exercise responsibility and good judgement or you’ll apply it wrongly.
A cut from a sword is difficult to heal or repair.

The modern martial arts originated in the Greek Olympics and was carried across to Asia by Alexander the Great.

With my students I discuss the 'Fables of Aesop' 600BC  and other relevant philosophies.
I present a non-fanatical Christian family example in life.

Train, think, learn, improve, endure, adapt and win.

Weights (resitance) training

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (14)
Recently a friend asked about weight training and general exercise. “Can I train chest 2x per week?”

Chest is a large muscle group and can withstand two strong workouts per week but ultimately all the muscles improve with repair. That means rest.

So, every muscle group 2x per week will be very effective but 1x per week will give you good results without injury.

It’s best to start easy.
‘Better to train little and often as oppose to long and hard all in one day. ‘

.Chest and biceps
.Back and triceps
.Shoulders and legs
.Arms again plus abs
This a good 4x per week split.

Add a bit of cardio 2x per week. Even if it’s 5mins during your weights workout, your heart and lungs health will benefit.
Make sure you stretch at the end.

Fitness is 70% clean food and 30% regular exercise.